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Talk To a Dog

Reviewing books like Karen Pryor (Mates not, Teach) or Arden Moore and talking to dog trainers discover that there are tips that may seem like a joke but actually reflect how we humans and how are the dogs. When you did not have to prepare a dog sure this may sound like a joke but if you’ve already faced with the task, maybe you recognize yourself in any of these behaviors. If you repeat a word, if you repeat a command over and scream, a human-possibly-understand that is important to you, a dog will think it is a different order and will be nervous.

talking to dogIf you get used to repeat a command several times, you get used to your dog and you will not understand when you say Stay. Come equals not come here or to ‘Here, Right Now! or What have I told you to come here, not to say his name … Your dog is not psychic. Your dog does not understand the grammar or read the letters; but they will listen if you remember to use the same word in your talk to a dog, in the same order, for a particular behavior. Do not know that when you call her name sometimes you want to come, other than you look, others stand still, other than stop what you are doing … you just said your name! See it on TalkToADog.net. Take heed to yourself while talk to a dog and you will not always put it easy. Then surely learn to understand you, to read you, and do what you ask if you ask him differently. But in the beginning, especially, you have to be consistent and patient. As important are the words that you say to your dog as the tone in which you say and posture you have when you say them.

While humans consciously pay attention to the content of a sentence, to what has been alleged, the dogs are set on how to pronounce that phrase. Lean slightly forward is more aggressive for a dog, if you’re leaning on one foot slightly back, know that you are more relaxed. And by the way: When a dog puts ‘face’ of guilty, not that I know you’ve done something wrong, most of the time what you know is that you, the owner, are angry about something. Your dog has not destroyed that shoe again to punish you for leaving him alone … what happens is that he was bored and did what dogs do when they have fun …